We connect designers and makers to the goods and services they need.

Just Got Made is a platform committed to helping Makers move their business forward, by building a vibrant, fun network that makes it easier to make vital industry connections, access useful information and find meaningful work.

The way we feel about the products we buy is changing. In the age of decluttering and Blue Planet inspired activism, we have less and less desire to fill our lives with meaningless ‘stuff’.

This should be an opportunity for small, independent maker businesses whose skill and attention to detail create beautifully made objects. Yet why are so many makers and small businesses still struggling? 

It’s because not enough support is given to maker businesses as they grow. 

The aim of Just Got Made is to make it easy for maker businesses to connect, grow and create meaningful work. So please join in, as we try and create a new toolkit for the next generation of makers.

Helen Kemp – Founder of Just Got Made 

About Helen

Hi - I'm Helen, the woman who started Just Got Made.

I have an inability to sit down and be still, and view life through a lens of perpetual learner! Besides running Just Got Made, I am a brand consultant and event producer, working out how to communicate messages for brands with something worthwhile to say.

The best part of Just Got Made is meeting everyone - the makers, thinkers. crafters, entrepreneurs, strategists, campaigners and downright good eggs that are working away quietly in the 'Maker Movement'.

This platform and community is for you.

If there are things you want done, that you feel we can help with, then please get in touch.